Yoghurt spoon (long)

Yoghurt spoon (long)

Have fun making homemade yoghurt

How to make home-made yogurt made with milk carton

How to make yoghurt (YouTube)

Changing seeds and making way,
You can make your own yogurt with milk carton

Handmade R-1 yogurt

R-1 yogurt with milk carton!

It is slightly stickier than the general yogurt on the market, and the sourness became a little stronger than the original R - 1 yoghurt.
If you put in sugar as you like, you did not mind sourness and it was delicious!

  • Pack milk (1 liter) 1 bottle
  • R-1 1 yogurt
Handmade Caspian Sea Yogurt

Caspian Sea Yogurt with milk carton!

Stickiness is the best, but smoothness is also the best!
Because there is little acidity and there is no habit, even young children who are not good at yogurt have become easy to eat yogurt!

  • Inoculum of commercially available Caspian sea yogurt
  • Pack milk (how to make and the amount of milk varies depending on the inoculum used)
Handmade soy milk (soy) yogurt

Soy milk (soy) with yogurt, soy milk pack!

Recommended soy milk (soy) yoghurt for those practicing macrobiotic diet and those with allergies to milk. It looks like a tofu feeling rather than a yogurt finish. Rather than eating as it is, recommend putting in a smoothie or cooking and eating!

  • Commercially available soy yoghurt inoculum
  • Soy milk (the amount of soymilk varies depending on the inoculum used)
Handmade kefir yogurt

Kefir yoghurt with milk carton!

Stickiness was not compared with other yoghurts, and it was finished in a sparkling yoghurt. Sour taste is moderate, easy to eat yogurt.

  • Commercially available inoculum of kefir yogurt
  • Pack milk (the amount of milk varies depending on the inoculum used)

For families who eat a lot of yoghurt, I am very happy if they can be made with milk carton.
Depending on the type of yogurt, it is said that you can expect various effects on beauty and health.
Why do not you enjoy the homemade yoghurt making with your favorite inoculum!

Milk pack Look in detail the long type yoghurt spoon to make yogurt making convenient

Handmade yogurt with milk carton
I tried to summarize the characteristics of taste and texture

R-1 yogurtIt was easy to make and deliciously eaten from a commercially available R - 1 yoghurt 1 pack.
Caspian Sea YogurtEasy to eat even children with less sourness and poor yoghurt.
Soymilk (soy) yogurtIt is recommended to put in a smoothie or cook and eat it.
Kefir yogurtSautery texture, acidity is moderately easy to eat yoghurt.

If you make homemade yoghurt,
Yogurt spoon (long) is very convenient!

Yoghurt spoon (long)

A long type yoghurt spoon of casual product is active when making home-made yoghurt with milk carton.

Why do not you think it's okay with ordinary spoons? Please try experiencing the ease of use unique to yoghurt-only spoons!

Easy to use with a little ingenuity

Long type yoghurt spoon longer than one liter milk carton.
I reach the bottom of the milk carton without polluting my hands, and even when stirring my hands will not get dirty!

Long type yogurt spoon Approximately 20 grams at a time
Approximately 20 grams to scoop at once.
The tip of the spoon has a straight shape that makes it easy to scoop.
Long type yogurt spoon Cleanly scoop the scoop without leaving any yogurt left on the side or corner
It fits perfectly with the shape of milk carton. I will scarcely scavenge the yoghurt left on the sides and corners.
Length 30 cm to reach the bottom of the bottom. You can stir without rubbing your hands or scoop to the bottom corner
Reach to the bottom length 30 cm. You can stir without rubbing your hands or scoop to the bottom corners.
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We have patronized by many people

Yogurt spoon (Long) that many people have favorite since launching products.
We will introduce the opinions of customers who have received so far.

Even customer reviews of Amazon have received high praise!

Customer reviews of long type yogurt spoon Amazon also received high praise!

An example of customer's voice

  • Yogurt spoon (long) Customer's voice

    When making yoghurt with milk carton, it is long type, so it will scalp properly to the bottom edge.

  • Yogurt spoon (long) Customer's voice

    For those who make homemade yoghurt with milk carton, it is the best spoon. Yogurt is easy to take because it hits the corner of the milk cart securely.

  • Yogurt spoon (long) Customer's voice

    Even if you eat as it is with a yoghurt spoon, it is a width that will fit just in the mouth, it is finished smoothly and the hit against the mouth is getting better. It is a long type yoghurt spoon, but it is also easy to store because it can be hooked.

Milk carton It is a long type yoghurt spoon that makes making home-made yogurt making it much more convenient,
Please enjoy your choice of yogurt more and more.

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