Drip pot

Vintage Bar Drip Pot

This drip pot/kettle can brew incredibly delicious coffee.​ ​

Vintage bars drip pot that can be brewed surprisingly deliciously

A drip pot is a very important item for making the drip coffee stable and delicious.

This is a drip pot of the VINTAGE (vintage) series which had special surface treatment, that gives out vintage like style, without losing any of its usability.

Why so delicious?

VINTAGE drip pot was born in Tsubamesanjo, a town of metal works, where established certain techniques, that is backed with years of experience.
There is a reason why it's loved and used by countless people.

Small-sized type that pours hot water thinly and gently
Essential for drip coffee type. It is also possible to pour hot and thin silently.
Handles and knobs use natural wood
Handles and knobs use natural wood, natural atmosphere is also popular secret.
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Is it different from coffee maker?

Which can brew delicious coffee, a coffee maker or hand drip?
Hand drip technique can fine tune your coffee while making, so you can make delicious coffee of your choice.

Vintage bars drip pot that can be brewed surprisingly deliciously

Water temperature

Using a drip pot, you can fine-tune the temperature of hot water according to the freshness and taste and condition of coffee beans.

How to pour

Equal pouring is very important in making good drip coffee. Compared to coffee makers, drip pots are better at even pouring with fine adjustments.

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Tips to choose a drip pot you do not know​ ​

Even the same coffee will change taste and smell depending on how it is made.
Here are some tips to choose a drip pot for delicious brewing.

Vintage Bar Drip Pot
  1. Spout narrowness

    thin, narrow spout is the feature of drip kettles.
    even when the main body size is same, the fineness of the spout is varied. It is important to pour hot water gently, so we recommend you to choose one that comes with as thin spout as possible.

  2. Shape of spout

    The shape of the spout is roughly divided into "narrow type" and "cranes type". With thin-ported type with consistent thickness of the neck, you can pour hot water steadily.

  3. Size

    If it is too big, it requires strength to handle, but if it is too small, it's not possible to pour much hot water.
    Please find the size and balance that suits yourself.

  4. Spout position

    The position of a spout is the key for easy pouring. It is more stable if the spout is in a higher position.

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