Vintage cutlery

Cutlery Vintage Series

Make an atmosphere that sticks to details

Cutlery / vintage series making atmosphere to stick to detail

Cutlery to choose according to dishes and bowls.

Depending on cutlery, you can produce a completely different atmosphere. Vintage dish, vintage cutlery. Detailed attention is essential for atmosphere creation.

Hospitality in harmony with dishes

Tsubame Sanjo's solid technology and years of experience and a little play Gottico vintage cutlery series
It is loved and chosen by many people.

Excellent article born from skill and careful work of skilled craftsmen
Metal processing town, masterpiece born from technically skilled work of Tsubame Sanjo skilled craftsmen and polite work
Express unique taste by vintage processing
Represent a unique flavor that vintage processed stainless steel
Excellent harmony with dishes of vintage series
Excellent harmony with dishes of vintage series
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Even for gifts, everyday use

You can use gifts such as wedding gifts and everyday use regardless of the application.

Perfect for gifts in a fashionable case
In a fashionable case gifts are also pleased.
It can be used firmly even for everyday use.
Even on the daily table, the texture of the vintage.

How to choose cutlery

Even though it is a cutlery, people choose each one.
I will teach you how to choose a cutlery for those who are lost.

Choose cutlery by material

Select by material

Besides vintage processing, there are also high quality pink gold plating finishes that can be used for gifts as well. Please select according to your preference, such as stainless steel truing material, vintage processed material according to the coordination of the table.

Choose a cutlery for your purpose

Choose for your purpose

[Casual use / formal use] If you arrange both one, it is convenient for hospitality when sudden visitor arrives. Your favorite cutlery snuggles into your family's everyday as memorable memories. Vintage cutlery is also pleased as a gift.

Find a cutlery with a set

Search by set

It is also possible to arrange spoons and forks separately, but there are also many people who purchase in sets to make the cutlery unified. Casual products include cutlery of various designs including VINTAGE (vintage) series, so please try finding your favorite cutlery.

Recommended cutlery set

VINTAGE series popular cutlery

Choose cutlery by material

Vintage Old English

Old English series featuring simple and smooth curve. It is a high-quality cutlery series that can be used not only for everyday use but also for hospitality enough.

Choose a cutlery for your purpose

Vintage scoop

Cutlery made into a scoop's motif. Even at everyday use, even at shops such as cafes, it is a unique shape that catches the eye as "HOO!"

Find a cutlery with a set

Vintage Pink Gold Baguette Classic

Cutlery of pink gold that you want me to appear on the dinner table that suits wine and champagne glass, fine time flows. Perfect compatibility with VINTAGE's plates and wood mats.

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Vintage cutlery

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