About payment method

About payment method
Cash on delivery Cash payment by cash settlement is possible.
Please bear 300 yen (tax not included) as a cash on delivery commission (settlement fee).

At the time of receiving the goods, please pay the total total amount in cash to the delivery agent. Payment other than cash (credit card, electronic money etc.) is not possible, so please be forewarned.

*Please be careful
If you designate an addressee such as a gift etc. from our company to the orderer, if you choose product cash on delivery, you will be charged for the item price to the addressee. Please be careful.

With regard to the receipt at the time of cash on delivery, the delivery fee receipt of delivery fee which will be received at the time of delivery of goods will be an official receipt on accounting legislation. Please keep the invoice in a safe place as we can not issue it separately.
credit card VISA / DINERS / MASTER / JCB / AMEX
You can use domestically issued card companies with the 5 brand marks above.
* It does not correspond to overseas issued credit card. Please note.

Credit card payment is safe as it will be settled on the SSL server that has taken security measures of credit settlement agent "Epsilon".

You can choose payment with credit card only for orders from PC.
(Please note that ordering from mobile phones is only cash on delivery.)

Payment number is "lump sum payment" only.
(Split, rebate payment, bonus payment can not be used.)

After filling in the necessary information on the cashier screen you will be pushed "completion" button and you will be on the "Thank you for your purchase" page, the button "To credit card payment procedure" will be displayed on that page.
By clicking on that button, we will move to the payment page of the credit card payment company.
Please do payment without closing the page.

In the unlikely event that we closed the page and could not complete the settlement, there is a case where we change the payment method, or we may order it again, so that the card registration was not done to the end Thank you for your kind report.

*Please be careful
· Please use the credit card in the name of the purchaser in the credit card.
· For corporate transactions, please understand that credit card transactions can not be used.

In the case of credit card transaction, there is a character limit in the mail address.
● Mail address usable characters (up to 128 characters in length)
. (Dot) - (hyphen) _ (under bar) @ (at mark)
Half size alphameric character

If characters other than the above are included in the e-mail address, an error will result and payment can not be made, so please note the e-mail address you enter when ordering.

Receipts will not be issued separately from our company, because the detailed statement issued by the customer's contract credit card company will be an official receipt on accounting legislation. Please note.
Amazon Pay It is a service that you can pay using credit card information registered on Amazon.co.jp.
Rakuten Pei Smooth payment is possible using usual Rakuten member ID and password.
Rakuten points can be accumulated · Usable! Please use Rakuten Pay "easy" "Anshin" "profitable".

→ For details"Rakuten Pei" Web site
Rakuten Pei

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