Policy for International Shipping

Policy for International Shipping
An oversea shipment is available on CASUAL PRODUCT online store.

Policy for International Shipping

The following charges are required for international shipping.
  • Freight charge for EMS shipping (rates depend on the area and the weight of parcel).  (See EMS freight rates)
  • Insurance for EMS shipping (rates depend on purchase amount).  (See EMS insurance rates)
  • Handling charge for international shipment. (10% on the total amount of merchandise, freight and insurance)
The above amount shall be informed by email after your order process is completed.

Other Notes

  • You may need to pay the import duties and taxes depending on the purchase amount.
  • Payment shall be made by PayPal (credit card) only.
  • Shipment shall be made by EMS. The area in which EMS delivery is not available, another courier service will be proposed.
  • Return or replacement is not acceptable unless it is confirmed as a defective or an inferior article.
  • You may claim insurance when the articles are delivered damaged or missing during the transportation.(See how to claim insurance)
Steps for ordering outside Japan

1.Put Article in Cart

2.Move to cart and click the purchase button


3.Click "EMS" for Delivery Service

For international shipping, click "EMS".

4.Enter your information

Please select "Hokkaido" at the top, then enter City, State, Postal code, Country of your address at "City, Street, Address". The street address, the building name and the room number can be entered underneath at "building name / room number
  • City
  • State
  • Postal code
  • Country
  • Street address
  • Building name
The delivery address must be typed in English only.The delivery address will have corrupted letters if you type any charactor of other languages, that leads to misdelivery or delay of delivery.Please be sure to enter your telephone number and email address to avoid mis- delivery.
The red frames are mandatory fields. Please note the followings.
  1. Please enter "0000000" for Postal Code.
  2. Choose Hokkaido for prefecture.
  3. Please refer to the instructions below when entering your address.

5.Only "PayPal" can be selected at the payment method.

Only "PayPal" can be selected at the payment method. Please select "Ordering outside Japan".

6. Final check your order and press "Order" button.

Click red "Confirm order" button to complete your order.

7.The payment amount is informed by email.

In a few days, you will receive you another message in English confirming your order details as well as the information on the freight charge, the insurance charge and the handling charge following by a payment request email for PayPal payment. Please arrange payment following the email message.

8.Your order will send out soon after your payment is confirmed.

We will inform you the tracking number (EMS item number) of the shipment.It may take 1-2 weeks depending on the delivery area after your payment arrives. Visit the website below for tracking your parcel. https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/delivery/index_en.html The tracking service is not available for some areas. Please check the countries available for tracking below.        

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