Shopping guide

Shopping guide

1. Choose items

Shopping guide

You can select products by the following three methods.

  1. Special Features Select from Products
    We are introducing new products, seasonal items etc.

  2. Select from the category on the left side menu
    When you click on the category name, it displays a more detailed category, from which you can see the item list.

  3. Search and select items
    You can search by product name, item number, keyword.
    Multiple words can also be searched with words separated by spaces.

Product List Page
Product detail page

When narrowing down the product category, the product list is displayed. When you click on the item you want to see, you can see the product details page.

  1. Add items to the cart
    Please select the quantity on the item detail page and click "Add to Cart".
    Items out of stock are displayed as "SOLD OUT", so you can not shop.

  2. Show enlarged image
    If you would like to see the enlarged image of the product, please click the small image under the product image.
    If there are two or more small images, if you place the cursor over a small image, the larger image will switch, and clicking it will see a larger image.

2. Check inside the cart

Check in the cart

To check the inside of the cart, click on "Add to Cart" on the product detail page to move in the cart. Also, if you want to see the inside of the cart during shopping, click "View cart" at the top of the page.

Quantity change / deletion of goods

In the shopping cart, you can change the quantity of the item or delete the item before purchase once you put it in the cart.

  1. Change quantity
    If you change the quantity, the total price of the item will be changed.

  2. Delete items
    You can delete it by clicking "Delete" of the item you want to delete.

If you click "Continue shopping", you can return to the page you were in before.

Pay with Amazon pay

If you place all the items you want in the cart, if you would like to pay using the Amazon account, click "Pay with Amazon pay", otherwise click on "Pay at this site" .

  1. Payment on this site
    You can choose the payment method from within cash on delivery, credit card transaction, Rakuten Pei.

  2. Pay with Amazon pay
    You can pay using Amazon account.

3. Entering gift / delivery / payment information

Enter customer information
  1. Those who previously performed user registration
    If you have already done shopping at this store and registered, click login and enter your email address and password.
    If you log in, you can omit input of customer information.

  2. Use the gift service
    For those who wish to wrap, check the "Use gift service" check,Be sure to select "simple packaging for gifts" in the item of "wrapping".

  3. Choose your delivery method
    Please select a delivery method. In Japan, please select "Delivery by our designated shipping company", in case of Okinawa · remote island "Okinawa · remote island people click here", please select "EMS" delivery to foreign countries.
    When you select a shipper, the customer information input form is displayed.

  4. Choose your payment method
    Please select your desired payment method.

    Cash on delivery
    Cash on delivery payment is possible. You will be charged 300 yen (excluding tax) as a cash-on-delivery fee (settlement fee).
    Please pay the total amount in cash to the delivery company when receiving the goods. Please note that payments other than cash (credit card, electronic money, etc.) cannot be made.

    credit card
    You can use domestically issued card company with 5 brand mark of VISA / DINERS / MASTER / JCB / AMEX.
    * It does not correspond to overseas issued credit card. Please note.

    Rakuten Pei
    Smooth payment is possible using usual Rakuten member ID and password.
    Rakuten points can be accumulated · Usable! Please use Rakuten Pay "easy" "Anshin" "profitable".

    Ordering outside Japan
    If you would like to deliver overseas please select here.

  5. Remarks column
    Our shop does not ship the invoice to the item. Customers who require delivery notes, please fill in the remarks column that the delivery note is necessary.

4. Enter customer information

User Registration Options
  1. Choose addressee
    When sending to a place other than your home, please check "Add to other than home" and enter your addressee and customer information.

  2. Enter customer information
    Please enter customer information.
    If you log in, you can omit input of customer information.

*Please be careful
We will contact you from all of the emails from our company. If you enter the mail address of the mobile phone in the mail address field, please set the mail reception setting of the mobile phone
Please set the mail from "" to "receive" setting.

5. Confirm your order

Confirmation of order contents

Please confirm that the contents described are correct and click "order" if you do not mind.

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