Cake stand

Cake stand

A cakestand will add a little stylishness, and a little elegance.

Make your Christmas party or afternoon tea more gorgeous,
with a cake stand that presents grace.

Depending on the application, two-stage type, three-stage type etc. are available.

Various ways to use a cake stand

A cake stand can be used not only for cakes, 
but also for enjoying flowers and accessories, as an interior.

Biking at the store a little gorgeous
This cake stand will make a hotel/restaurant buffet a little more spectacular.​ ​
Decorate flowers and accessories
Cake stands also serves as a table coordination of bridal scenes or store fixtures and decorations
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Easy to use and easy to storage

Previous cake stands had problems with storageability.
Our cake stand accomplished the usability and compactness by making it foldable.​ ​​ ​​ ​

Biking at the store a little gorgeous
Take out quickly when you want to use it, with a foldable frame.
2 stage cake stand · 3 stage
Two- and three-tier types are available. Choose whichever suits your purpose.​ ​
Biking at the store a little gorgeous
Tree type is the best for placing multiple sized plates.
Decorate flowers and accessories
Plate does not slide off easily with silicone tube covering.
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How to choose a cake stand

Choose a cake stand by material, storageability

Choose by material, storage

It is important to decide the material according to the usage scene and style.
Although there are various materials, checking is necessary as there are things with poor storage properties.

Choose a cake stand by the number of stages

Select by number of tiers

There are 1 tier to 3 tier cake stands, so it is good to decide the number of tiers depending on the application. With multiple tiers, you can place a variety of cakes and sweets.

Casual product cake stand

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