• BLACK VINTAGE INOX Attractive cuisine, charm space. Top line of the popular series emerging
  • BLACK VINTAGE INOX Attractive cuisine, charm space. Top line of the popular series emerging

I want something I love, for what I use everyday.
Since I use everyday, I want it fun.​ ​

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  • Touchless disinfectant spray

    Touchless disinfection of hands. Non-contact infrared sensor touchless disinfection spray

    Alcohol disinfectant sprays automatically with an infrared sensor. For antivirus.
  • Auto soap dispenser

    Hand wash with foam. Non-contact infrared sensor soap dispenser

    Infrared foam produces soap. Anti-virus measures because you do not touch the dispenser.
  • Enjoy Targona coffee

    Home cafe is Targona coffee

    Easily make Targona coffee with an electric milk flosser. Enjoy your home time.
  • Smash hit kids cutlery

    Smash hit kids cutlery

    Introducing children's spoons and forks that sell over 100,000 bottles a year. A cutlery that is easy to hold and easy to eat.


    Japanese tableware seen from abroad by European and Japanese designers.


    Attractive cuisine, top line of popular series make atmosphere attracting, and cuisine attcactive.
  • 2018 Summer Vintage New Products

    2018 Summer Vintage New Products

    A new product of VINTAGE INOX that depicts stylish cafe style.
  • Vintage cutlery

    Vintage cutlery

    VINTAGE style cutlery can change the dining atmosphere.
  • Vintage Plate & Bowl

    Vintage Plate & Bowl

    A vintage plate that can maximize the charm of cooking.
  • Vintage curry dish

    Vintage curry dish

    This nostalgic retro texture is pretty much usable at home, at cafes and restaurants as well.
  • Plentiful-scoop yoghurt spoon

    Plentiful-scoop yoghurt spoon

    A long spoon that is best for scooping homemade yogurt. 20g per scoop.
  • Cake stand

    Cake stand

    A cake stand that directs parties and tea time more gorgeous and graceful.
  • Vintage Bar Drip Pot

    Vintage Bar Drip Pot

    Aochi's drip pot that balanced both fancy design and ease of use that was processed in a vintage style.

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[Notice of holidays during the Bon Festival]
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[Notice of suspension during Golden Week]
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We will exhibit at hotel and restaurant show.

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